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If you intend to rent your property on a regular basis you may be best suited to our rental package. We will handle the booking, placing, arrival and departure of your guests, not to mention the already mentioned care for your property. We organize the contracts between tenants and owners, inventory and you have no need to worry as regular communication and to enjoy the best possible rental income from your property, it is essential that it is kept in pristine condition, both inside and outside, and is equipped to the highest standards.




long term rental


short term rentals - holiday lets


This can be the best option if you intend to use the property yourself. Holiday lets are on average 16 weeks a year, depending on the area.

long term rental 


This can tie your property up for anything over 6 months. Our policy is to engage a tenancy originally on a 6 month basis, leading to an 11 month rolling period depending on the requirements of both the tenant and the owner.

mixed rentals


This is where you maybe rent your property through the 6 month winter period and then follow on with holiday lets through the summer 6 months.

holiday rental


We will handle the booking, placing, arrival and departure of your guests, not to mention the already mentioned care for your property.

  • €10.00
  • €20.00
  • €40.00
  • €60.00

Due to the booking of cheap flights in unsociable hours
There is a charge for out of hours meeting of clients, the charges are as follows:


  • 0900 - 2000
  • 2000 - 0000
  • 0000 - 0300
  • 0300 - 0900


rental charges


10% of the rental income for long term tenants, and holiday rentals found by Spanish Management only. Set up Fee. (Sourcing, Liaison with potential tenants and showing of property, producing of contracts and inventory).

All prices are in Euros and are correct at publication; they may change without prior notice.

Each property and its owners are treated individually and as a valued investment. We leave you safe in the knowledge that both you and your clients can relax from the moment of arrival.

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